Lazy Susan for Selection, Posing and Sharing

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A simple and intuitive tool for managing selections, working with multiple characters, storing poses and sharing with other artists.

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Lazy Susan

A simple and intuitive tool for managing selections, working with multiple characters, storing poses and sharing with with other artists.

  • Selection sets and poses can be used across multiple characters with similar naming.
  • Create and edit sets on the fly.
  • Apply and re-position entire poses on virtually any rig.
  • Easily share your sets and poses with others.


  • Save “” to your maya scripts folder.
  • Add the following command and icon to a python shelf button (or hotkey).
  • ebLabs_lazySusan_Icon

Basic  Command LIne

Advanced Command LIne for Shared Folders


Version Info

  • python script, tested with Maya 2012+, Linux, Windows and Mac
  • version “.270“, [lastupdated]

Lazy Susan Tab

General UI Notes This is the main UI for the Lazy Susan tool. Its now dockable so go ahead and attach it to the side if you’d like. Also, the three lists can be resized depending on how you want to use the tool.
Save Reminders Save reminders will appear in the window title and at the bottom of the UI after you’ve made changes. Lazy Susan uses regular selection sets, so don’t worry about losing your sets if you forget to save. The only time you’d need to be sure to save, is if you have poses, would like to share your sets/poses, or import them into another scene.


Lazy Susan Tab – Namespace Overide

Namespace List This is the namespace list, here you can mix and match selection sets between different characters. With “*none” selected no override will be applied and clicking on a selection set will select all the members of that set as it was made. Although, you can override the namespace for the set, and select one or more other characters that are similarly named. This is one of the main functions that makes the Lazy Susan Tool so flexible.
[Namespace Override]*click to auto select You can select namespaces manually in the list, but if you have a character(s) selected in the viewport click this to automatically highlight related namespaces in the list. Useful if you have lots of characters and finding the namespace in the list is too much of a bother.
Notes Not ALL namespaces in your scene will be displayed here. To keep the list relevant, Lazy Susan will check through your sets, and figure out what other namespaces can potentially be used. So if you’re looking for a particular namespace, make sure you have a selection set that contains some of the objects in that namespace.

Lazy Susan Tab – Selection Sets and Keying

Selection Sets List This is a list of all the selection sets in your scene. Select items here to select objects and/or sets in your scene. Double click to expand sets. Mix and match with namespaces above.**right click here for some extra tools. See detailed info below. ¬†(For technical people, only selection sets with type “gCharacterSet” will be displayed, quick select sets use this labeling as well.)rightClickMenu_sets_v001

Export Selected Sets This is a shortcut to export just the selected sets.
Create Mirrored Sets Useful when you have a selection set made for the right/left side and you’d like to quickly create a mirrored set for the other. This will open up a window where you can specify the naming convention and create the new set.
Group Selected Items Use this menu option to group your sets. Useful to group and organize your sets.
Remove Items From Set This will ungroup the selected set.
Sort Set Members Alphabetically Reorders the set members Alphabetically.


Create Set Select objects in your scene and click here to make a new set. You can also use Maya’s standard create quick select set.
Rename Rename your set here, if you have stored poses it will update the data in memory to stay linked with your set.
lazySusan_manual__0000_plusButton To add members to an existing set, highlight your set, select objects in the scene and click here.
lazySusan_manual__0001_minusButton Clicking here will remove selected set members from their set, as well as delete sets depending on what you have selected.
Refresh Click here to refresh the Lazy Susan UI.
lazySusan_manual__0000_SetKey Set a key on all selected list items.**right click here for some extra tools. See detailed info below.rightClickMenu_setKey_v001

Rekey Selected Objects Click here to run through all your selected objects and rekey where ever there is a key. Useful when you’re blocking and youd like all your selected objects to share the same key times.
Rekey/Remove Keys to Match Last Selected This is useful for cleaning up keys. As you can guess, it will set and remove keys to match the last object you’ve selected.
lazySusan_manual__0001_SetSpecialKey Same as the red button only the keytick will be green in the timeline. This is handy for separating key poses from breakdowns, etc.
Select You can simply click on items in the list to make selections in your scene. This button essentially does the same thing, handy if you dont want to keep reselecting items in the sets list.
Click To Select [Checkbox] Normally when you click on an item in the list it will be selected in your scene. This button toggles on and off this functionality. Useful if you are arranging your sets and dont need to make selections in your scene as well.
Show Referenced Sometimes character rigs that are referenced into the scene have their own sets that come with the rig. By unchecking this, you can hide the referenced rig sets.

Lazy Susan Tab – Poses

Pose List Clicking on a set above will display any related pose here.
**right click here for some extra tools. See detailed info below.rightClickMenu_pose_v001

Export Selected Poses This is a shortcut to export just the selected poses.
Create Pose With your set active in the list above, click here to save a pose. Be sure to save so you dont lose your poses! Check out the “Local” tab.
Rename Change your pose name.
lazySusan_manual__0000_plusButton Overwrite an existing pose with the current one.
lazySusan_manual__0001_minusButton Delete a pose.
button_slider_v001 This slider will blend from the current position to your selected pose.
Apply To Selection Only Check this to apply a pose to only the selected objects.
Relative Pose[*BETA] This unassuming checkbox is actually quite a powerful tool. Activating this will allow you to apply a pose relative to one or more object positions. For example, you’ve made a pose of a person standing at the origin. Now midway through your animation, your character is now across the street standing on a hill facing the other way. With a standard pose tool, applying your pose now would move the character back to the origin where you made it, possibly at a different orientation making the pose difficult to actually use. The idea with this experimental tool, is that you can use this pose in a much more flexible way. You could select the characters hips for example, now when you move the slider, the hips will stay in the same place and all the other parts of the character will move into position relative to what you have selected, the hips. **Tip, try using this in conjunction with the Group Move Tool!

Local Tab


Saving and Loading This is where you save and load your working files. Once you load a file the maya scene remembers which file you were using. So the next time you start working, all your poses will automatically be there ready to use.
Merging Stored Data If you’re saving or loading over data that already exists, you have a few options as to how any conflicting data is handled. You can replace, merge or cancel. Using merge, will check the timestamps of when you made the poses and sets and use this to overwrite older data. This applies to both loading and saving.
Scene Info Check here for info about your working file and scene.

More Documentation To Come…


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