Motion Trails

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A versatile motion trail toolset, check your arcs in worldSpace, screenSpace or any other parent space.

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Motion Trails

A versatile motion trail toolset, check your arcs in worldSpace, screenSpace or any other parent space.

  • Lightweight, fast motion trail system. Updates on the fly.
  • Create screen space motion trails.
  • Create motion trails using any object as a parent space.
  • Customize colors, displays visual feedback for keyframes.

World Space vs Screen Space Motion Trails


World space and screen space motion trails compared. The blue and white motion trail is a regular motion trail, it displays the arcs in world space. The yellow and white motion trail, is in the parent space of the camera and displays the arcs relative to the camera view. Both of these can be usefull in different situations.


  • Extract the zip file to your maya/scripts folder.
  • Add the following command and icon to a python shelf button (or hotkey).
  • ebLabs_motionTrails_icon


Version Info

  • python script, tested with Maya 2012+, Linux, Windows and Mac
  • v2015-11-04, [lastupdated]

Motion Trails


(1),(2) Start and End Frames You can enter the start/end frame range here. Or right click in the text field to insert the current time.
(3) Create Motion Trail(s) Select one or more objects, click here to generate motion trails.
(4) Screen/Parent Space List The down arrow will expand this section. Select a camera or any other object from this list and the motion trail will be made using this as a parent. Try right clicking in this list area to select the active camera (handy if you have lots of cameras in your scene).
(5) Use Parent Space Check this box if you’d like to make a relative motion trail (ie.using another object’s parent space).
(6) Add to List Cameras are automatically listed, but if youd like to use another object as a motion trail parent you can use this button. Select an object, click this button and it will be displayed in the list (this is handy if you are making several motion trails at the same time).
(7) Help A shortcut to the info tab, check here for basic info on usage and credits.
Motion Trail Updating If you’re using autokey, the motion trail will update after you make a change. With autokey off, you’ll need to deselect then reselect your object.

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Channel Box Options


Visibility Hide the motion trail.
Marker Size This sets the radius of the wireframe ball on each frame.
Pop Scale Size As you can see in the image, depending on where you are in the timeline, the corresponding marker will get slightly bigger to serve as a visual indicator. You can change the pop scale size here.
Marker Visibility You can hide the keyframe markers with this option.
Motion Trail Colors The motion trail colour should default to whatever object its assigned to. You can set the color manually here.
Marker Color Sets the color of the frame marker balls.
Keyframe Marker Color The color used to indicate that a keyframe is present
Closeness to Camera This option will appear for motion trails that are relative to a camera. You can slide the motion trail in closer to the camera if you need to make the motion trail easier to see.

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