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You may have noticed some changes around here. The site is undergoing some improvements, so stay tuned for updates. We...
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Anim Manager Beta

Anim Manager Beta

The Anim Manager is a versatile tool for creating and sharing selection sets, poses and animation.
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ebLabs is a technical site, from artist Eric Bates, that focuses on Computer Graphics and Animation tools. What started as a personal side project has certainly taken off, ebLabs tools are used by professional artists all over the world.
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Maya Viewport Display Toggles

Maya Viewport Display Toggles

Handy tool for toggling nurbsCurves, geometry, and other things in your Maya viewport.
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whisKEY is a must have tool for character animation at the blocking stage!

Victor Glushchenko

Animator - Rising Sun Pictures

eblabs tools are great for animation. The motion trail tool is the best I’ve found. It’s fast and efficient allowing for a much quicker workflow. I’d highly recommend it.

Tom O'Flaherty

Lead Animator - DNEG

Screen Space Tool makes object tracking absolutely easy. Highly recommended for Tracking! 

Robert Cvengros

Matchmove Artist - Zoic

whisKey toolkit is an indispensable collection of slick tools that consistently saves time and headaches, I highly recommend it to anyone.

Morgan Read

Character Animator - Mighty Kingdom

The underlying code is clean and well thought out, which makes the toolkit’s functionality a breeze to integrate into your setup.

Marc English

Rigging Supervisor - Atomic Cartoons

The ScreenSpace tool has saved a tonne of time with dynamic object tracks & roto animation. The team here uses it religiously! 

Lee Alexander

Layout Supervisor - Image Engine

A couple favorites include the worldSpace and screenSpace tools – along with the rest I believe they will make as great an addition to your toolset as they have for me!

Jenn Taylor

Animation Supervisor - Image Engine

These tools will make you look like you know what you’re doing!

Anthony Rizzo

Senior Animator - Tippett Studio

eb_Labs suite of tools are invaluable to my work flow, I bring them with me where ever I go! Thank you Eric!

Michael Jahnke

Senior Animator - EA

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