Package Manager Quick Install Beta

We are testing out a new Package Manager tool that will make managing and installing all your animation tools much simpler. This is a limited beta for the moment and not all of the animation tools have been updated to use this. More updates to come and feedback is welcome! 

Package Manager

The package manager is a system for installing and managing all of your animation tools.


Getting Started

Online Installation

1. Download the drag/drop installer.

Be sure to right click and "Save Link/Target As".
2. Simply drag and drop the installer into Maya image
3. High five! image

Offline Installation

3. If an Online Install isn't possible, you will see a slightly different popup. image
4. Fear not, the actual installation files can be downloaded manually. Save the latest package to your computer from here. Get Latest Package Manager Version Here

Be sure to right click and "Save Link/Target As".
5. From the popup click "Install" and locate the package that you just downloaded. image
6. After these additional steps, High Five! image

Package Manager Quick Start

Shelf Button

The Package Manager can be found on the eblabs shelf.

Add New Tool

Once you have the Package Manager up and running, installing and updating new tools is quick and easy.

1. Be sure to download the packages for tools you've purchased from your account.
2. Click on "Add Package" and locate the package you'd like to install. image


Pre-Maya 2017u5 Installation

We are working to improve the install process for older versions of Maya. Here is a work around to help when the drag and drop installer isn't recognized.

We can actually run the installation process manually from the script editor.

Copy/Paste the contents of the installer into a Python tab of the script editor.

Add one additional line at the end. Make sure there aren't any tabs or spaces in front of this.
Click Run image
Voila image
This will launch the installer.

Note for Macs, from here you will need to follow the "Offline Install" method.

18 thoughts on “Package Manager Quick Install Beta”

    • Hi Ramon,

      Thanks for letting me know! I just checked the links and didn’t find a broken one, would you mind giving me a bit more info?

      If you’re looking to get the World Space Tool up and running manually, Ive updated the World Space Tool docs with more info.

      All the best,


    • Hi,
      Thanks for reaching out! Im sure we can get this up and running for you. Can you give me a bit more info? What version of mac os are you using? Also what version of Maya do you have?

    • Hi Eric,
      I have macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and Maya 2017. And the tool I bought from you is world space tool 2.


    • Hi,
      Can you walk me through the steps you are taking? At what point does the installation fail? When dragging the .py script into Maya? or after this at some point?
      If there are any error messages, please include these.

    • When I drag&drop the into Maya there pops up “unrecognized file type”

  1. Hi!
    I installed the “Group Move Tool” script using “Package Manager”.
    But I get an error:

    “# ” # Error: Runtime Error: file E:\Git\eblabs-hub\eblabs_hub\GroupMoveTool\scripts\ line 317: Could not find attribute named “ebLabs_groupMoveNode.t”

    Do you think you could help me fix this error and run the script, please?

    • Hi,
      Thanks for reaching out! If you’re asking about the Group Move Tool, good timing I just released a bug fix.

      There were two issues that were happening before, that you may have been running into as well.
      1. For the tool to work, you will need to make sure you have a control(s) selected before running the tool as there isn’t a UI.
      2. The error message you saw happened when the tool was run without anything selected. The tool is fixed now, so if you happen to click it without anything selected, nothing will happen and you shouldnt see an error message.

      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

    • Hi Ramzan,

      Thanks for reaching out!! I’m sure we can get things up and running for you.

      Can you describe the steps youve done and what happened? What error messages did you see? What version of Maya and OS are you using?

      All the best,

    • im usin maya 2019 on windows operating system.
      first i created folder as specified in mannually installation then i run the script in maya python. but nothin apears and it says # Error: ImportError: file line 9: No module named eblabs_hub.WorldSpaceTools.scripts.worldspace

  2. Hello, I got the World Space 2 and I tried to install it via Package Manager. The thing is Package Manager is working for me on maya 2018 but not in 2020.2 which is the version I need it for. Any ideas on how I could make it work?

    • Hi Alexei,
      Thanks for reaching out!
      Yes you are right, some of the tools are breaking with the latest Maya release. A fix is in the works and Ill send out a notice when this is available(very soon).
      In the mean time, if you’d like to get the World Space tool up and running, please check out the Manual Installation section of the docs. Of course, please let me know if you have any questions.
      Thanks for your patience, an update is on the way.
      All the best,

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