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Package Manager Quick Installer

The new Package Manager makes managing and installing all your animation tools much simpler.  

Package Manager

The package manager is a system for installing and managing all of your animation tools.


Getting Started

Online Installation

1. Download the drag/drop installer.
2. Simply drag and drop the installer into Maya image
3. High five! image

Offline Installation

3. If an Online Install isn't possible, you will see a slightly different popup. image
4. Fear not, the actual installation files can be downloaded manually. Save the latest package to your computer from here. Get Latest Package Manager Version Here

Be sure to right click and "Save Link/Target As".
5. From the popup click "Install" and locate the package that you just downloaded. image
6. After these additional steps, High Five! image

Package Manager Quick Start

Shelf Button

The Package Manager can be found on the eblabs shelf.

Add New Tool

Once you have the Package Manager up and running, installing and updating new tools is quick and easy.

1. Be sure to download the packages for tools you've purchased from your account.
2. Click on "Add Package" and locate the package you'd like to install. image


Pre-Maya 2017u5 Installation

We are working to improve the install process for older versions of Maya. Here is a work around to help when the drag and drop installer isn't recognized.

We can actually run the installation process manually from the script editor.

Copy/Paste the contents of the installer into a Python tab of the script editor.

Add one additional line at the end. Make sure there aren't any tabs or spaces in front of this.
Click Run image
Voila image
This will launch the installer.

Note for Macs, from here you will need to follow the "Offline Install" method.
Site and License ... September 2, 2019 License Agreement... October 28, 2019

Comments (52)

  • Ramon De La Cuesta

    The link to the install manager is broken I believe, can I install the tools without it? Thank you!

    • Eric

      Hi Ramon, Thanks for letting me know! I just checked the links and didn't find a broken one, would you mind giving me a bit more info? If you're looking to get the World Space Tool up and running manually, Ive updated the World Space Tool docs with more info. All the best, Eric

  • Olga Szablewicz-Pisuk

    I'm trying install it on my Mac and it doesn't work. I've installed it for a test on a PC with no problem... but I need it on my Mac :(

    • Eric

      Hi, Thanks for reaching out! Im sure we can get this up and running for you. Can you give me a bit more info? What version of mac os are you using? Also what version of Maya do you have? Thanks! Eric

    • Olga Szablewicz-Pisuk

      Hi Eric, I have macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and Maya 2017. And the tool I bought from you is world space tool 2. thanks Olga

    • Eric

      Hi, Can you walk me through the steps you are taking? At what point does the installation fail? When dragging the .py script into Maya? or after this at some point? If there are any error messages, please include these. Thanks!

    • Olga Szablewicz-Pisuk

      When I drag&drop the into Maya there pops up "unrecognized file type"

  • Olga Szablewicz-Pisuk

    Thanks a lot for a help Eric, All works great now!

  • Wadim ASdvv

    Hi! I installed the "Group Move Tool" script using "Package Manager". But I get an error: "# " # Error: Runtime Error: file E:\Git\eblabs-hub\eblabs_hub\GroupMoveTool\scripts\ line 317: Could not find attribute named "ebLabs_groupMoveNode.t" Do you think you could help me fix this error and run the script, please?

    • b.ym

      Hi! I have the same problem. Can you help me, please?

    • Eric

      Hi, Thanks for reaching out! If you're asking about the Group Move Tool, good timing I just released a bug fix. There were two issues that were happening before, that you may have been running into as well. 1. For the tool to work, you will need to make sure you have a control(s) selected before running the tool as there isn't a UI. 2. The error message you saw happened when the tool was run without anything selected. The tool is fixed now, so if you happen to click it without anything selected, nothing will happen and you shouldnt see an error message. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

    • b.ym

      Thanks a lot!

  • Ramzan Mulani

    hello having problem installing script can u pls help me?

    • Eric

      Hi Ramzan, Thanks for reaching out!! I'm sure we can get things up and running for you. Can you describe the steps youve done and what happened? What error messages did you see? What version of Maya and OS are you using? All the best, Eric

    • Ramzan Mulani

      im usin maya 2019 on windows operating system. first i created folder as specified in mannually installation then i run the script in maya python. but nothin apears and it says # Error: ImportError: file line 9: No module named eblabs_hub.WorldSpaceTools.scripts.worldspace

    • Eric

      Hi Ramzan, I will send you more information via email. Thanks!! Eric

  • Alexei Diez

    Hello, I got the World Space 2 and I tried to install it via Package Manager. The thing is Package Manager is working for me on maya 2018 but not in 2020.2 which is the version I need it for. Any ideas on how I could make it work?

    • Eric

      Hi Alexei, Thanks for reaching out! Yes you are right, some of the tools are breaking with the latest Maya release. A fix is in the works and Ill send out a notice when this is available(very soon). In the mean time, if you'd like to get the World Space tool up and running, please check out the Manual Installation section of the docs. Of course, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your patience, an update is on the way. All the best, Eric


    Hi Eric, I am having problems installing the World Space tool with the Package Manager. When I try to locate and open the world space tool through the Package Manager it doesn’t allow me to select it. Please help! Im using a Mac and Maya 2020. Thanks, Maria

    • Eric

      Thanks for reaching out Maria! Im sure we can get you up and running soon. I just tested locally on my Mac using 2020 and it seems to be working so something strange is definitely happening. Id like to ask a few extra follow up questions. * What specific version of Maya are you using? Maya 2020.x? * Do you see any errors in the script editor at any point? * Just to confirm, the file you have saved locally and are attempting to select from the package manager looks like this "" ? If there are any screenshots that might help, please send via email to info at Thanks! Eric

    • Maria CASANUEVA

      Hi Eric, Thanks so much for such a quick reply. This is probably a stupid question but what do you mean by saving locally? I am trying to open the folder that I downloaded from the email I receiver. Its called "eblabs_WorldSpaceTools_1" Thanks, Maria

    • Eric

      Ah, I think I understand what's happening. It looks like possibly your browser is expanding the .zip file. If you right click on the file link and "Save File As" (this is different depending on your browser), you should be able to save the file as is without expanding it. Im including a screenshot here of how it should look on the mac finder:

    • Maria CASANUEVA

      Yey! it worked! Thanks so much for your help! Im really looking forward to using this tool! All the best Maria

    • Eric

      That's great to hear! Happy animating :)

  • cleguen

    Just wondering can this software be silently installed, using Microsoft SCCM or Azure. Do you have any silent installation switches.

    • Eric

      Hi Charles. Currently there isn't a SCCM or Azure installer, but I have some other ideas that might work. I'll reply back in an email with more info. Cheers, Eric

  • ray hsu

    where can I find the link to download package manager installer, can't find it anywhere on this page

  • chourussell

    got an error '' # Error: AttributeError: file E:\Git\eblabs-hub\eblabs_hub\RetimeTools\scripts\ line 2789: 'PySide2.QtCore.QCoreApplication' object has no attribute 'topLevelWidgets'

    • chourussell

      after restart a fresh maya it works

    • Eric

      Hi, Thanks for replying back. Yes, this can happen if you click on a tool before Maya has had a chance to fully load. As you mentioned, a restart can fix it. Cheers!

  • Dragana Mandic

    Hey Eric, this installer is not working in Maya 2022.3, Windows 11. How to go around this?

    • Eric

      Hi, thanks for reaching out! Ive replied to you via email. Its really helpful to send any error messages you might see in the script editor as well. Im sure we will get this working in no time. Thanks!!

  • eickhoff.c

    Hey Eric, thanks for all your ongoing support with these tools. They are very valuable to a lot of people :) I have the Package Manager working along with the World Space 2 in 2023.2 but unfortunately the eblabs_Group tool doesn't work. It loads through the package, shelf button and image appear. But when running it I get this error: # Error: AttributeError: file line 12: module 'eblabs_hub.GroupMoveTool.scripts.GroupMoveTool' has no attribute 'GroupMove' Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    • Eric

      Just replying here as well. There is a recent update that addressed the issue. All working now, thanks!!

  • Mihran Zak

    Hi Eric. Thank you for the very necessary plugins. As far as I understand, Package Manager will be installed only if Maya is launched with Python version 3. With Python 2, I could not install Package Manager! I tried this on Maya 2022.4 Maybe this information will save someone's nerves :)

    • Eric

      Hi Mihran, Thanks for letting me know. I will follow up via email to get more info from you. Cheers, Eric

  • andrionbecker

    Hi Eric, this is such an awesome tool thanks so much for making it available. However I was crushed to see that Check Gimbal flipping doesn't seem to work in Maya 2022, Whenever I click it it scrubs the timeline as though it's doing something, but it never shows the window that displays which axis is best! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Frederick Gagnon

    Hello ! sorry to post this here but the Contact page doesn't seem to be working. Getting this error when trying to install the Package Manager Offline procedure (from the Drag n Drop file first). Maya 2020.3. Here is the callstack: # UnicodeWarning: Unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode - interpreting them as being unequal, at line 57, in "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\maya\app\general\" # Error: Error in maya.utils._guiExceptHook: # File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\maya\", line 398, in formatGuiException # result = u'%s: file %s line %s: %s' % (exceptionType.__name__, file, line, exceptionMsg) # UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe9 in position 11: ordinal not in range(128) # # Original exception was: # Traceback (most recent call last): # File "", line 3, in # File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\maya\app\general\", line 74, in executeDroppedPythonFile # ret = loadedModule.onMayaDroppedPythonFile(obj) # File "C:/Users/myUsername/Downloads\", line 83, in onMayaDroppedPythonFile # Installer.run_installer() # File "C:/Users/myUsername/Downloads\", line 105, in run_installer # cls.run_installer_exec() # File "C:/Users/myUsername/Downloads\", line 164, in run_installer_exec # cls.fail_popup() # File "C:/Users/myUsername/Downloads\", line 212, in fail_popup # success = Utils.install_package() # File "C:/Users/myUsername/Downloads\", line 350, in install_package # filepath = cls.ask_user_for_package_file() # File "C:/Users/myUsername/Downloads\", line 307, in ask_user_for_package_file # return str(path[0]) # UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 11: ordinal not in range(128) # Thank you for the support.

  • gwgagne

    Hello, I tried installing package manager but it crashes maya 2020.4 when I try to use the script. I installed the latest version of Python.

  • Taran

    Hi there! im trying to install worldspace too via the package manager, and when i want to add a package, my Worldspace tool Zip file isnt doing anything. Im currently using Linux with maya 2023. Thanks!

    • Eric

      Hi Taran, thanks for reaching out! I replied via email as well. Are you seeing any error messages?

  • johnojpn

    Hello, I'm trying to install the package manager file (latest linked above) on Maya 2024, unfortunately it keeps asking for the install file. I locate the package file and it just loops asking again the install file. Tried downloading older versions or the manual method above but I get the same loop. Any help appreciated! Thanks

    • Eric

      Hi Johnojpn, thanks for reaching out. Im contacting you via email with some additional follow up questions.

    • johnojpn

      Thanks for the help Eric! Now working on Maya 2024 with the update drag_drop py file. Thanks!

  • Taran

    Hi there. Im trying to install world space tool via the package manager (v0.6.9), i locate the zip file, and it does nothing. Im using maya 2022.5 on windows. Thanks!

  • plem07

    I just purchased the new animal hub today however when I install it using package manager I do get the icon in the shelve but when I click it I get this error: (I'm on a Mac Ventura 13.5 using Maya 2024) install_path = '/Users/peerlemmers/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/scripts' package_id = 'HUB' import os import sys if not install_path in sys.path: sys.path.insert(0, install_path) import eblabs_hub.HUB.scripts.HUB_Launcher as tool tool.Launcher.display() # Error: AttributeError: file S:\Git\eblabs-hub\eblabs_hub\HUB\scripts\ line 40: module 'eblabs_hub.UXFramework.scripts.ColorPaletteManager' has no attribute 'SimpleDataHandler'

  • alon_helman

    Hey Eric! The drag and drop is working on all versions of maya except for 2020.4. Maya just crashes. When I try to install it by pasting the code into the Python script editor, I get a fatal error and maya crashes. I also tried to change my environment variable settings like the comment above mentioned, but no luck. Any idea when could be causing this? Is there another manual way to install it? Thanks!

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