Package Manager Quick Install Beta

We are testing out a new Package Manager tool that will make managing and installing all your animation tools much simpler. This is a limited beta for the moment and not all of the animation tools have been updated to use this. More updates to come and feedback is welcome! 

Package Manager

The package manager is a system for installing and managing all of your animation tools.

Getting Started

Online Installation

  1. Download Drag and Drop installer.
  2. Simply Drag and Drop the file into Maya. This will run the installer, from here you can manage all of your eblabs tools.
    • Drag and Drop
  3. Congrats, you've successfully installed the Package Manager.

Offline Installation

  1. Download offline installer files here:
  2. Drag the installer into Maya.
  3. From here a popup will appear where you can manually select the Package Manager file.

Package Manager Quick Start

Shelf Button

The Package Manager can be found on the eblabs shelf.

Add New Tool

  1. From the main UI, click "Add Package" to locate the zip package that you've downloaded from your MyAccount page.

2 thoughts on “Package Manager Quick Install Beta”

    • Hi Ramon,

      Thanks for letting me know! I just checked the links and didn’t find a broken one, would you mind giving me a bit more info?

      If you’re looking to get the World Space Tool up and running manually, Ive updated the World Space Tool docs with more info.

      All the best,


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