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Quick Setup

  • Save “” to your maya/scripts/eblabs/codePuncher folder.
  • Add the following command and icon to a shelf button (or hotkey).
  • ebLabs_codePuncher
(c) Eric Bates 2016
import os, sys
from maya import cmds, mel

import os, sys
from maya import cmds, mel
path = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(cmds.internalVar(userAppDir=True), 'scripts', 'eblabs', 'codePuncher'))
if not path in sys.path:
import ebLabs_codePuncherPro


An advanced scripting tool set geared towards versatility and function within Maya.

  • Useful for both technical artists, and non-technical artists.
  • Manage, Access and Share any number of code snippets.
  • Non-destructively modify scripts on the fly.
  • Easily Import/Export code from existing script editor tabs, or external files.
  • Use Searching and Tagging to quickly find any script.
  • Modularize your coding by mixing  and matching code snippets.


File Menu


  • Import Export Native Files
    • eblabs_codepuncher_file_importexport
    • Import From Script Editor Tabs
      • If you have a number of tabs in the script editor, this will import them in bulk into Code Puncher.
    • Import From File(s)
      • Import native .mel and .py files into Code Puncher.
    • Export Selected
      • Export the selected Code Puncher code snippets as native .mel and/or .py files.
    • Legacy: Update Old .codepuncher Files
      • When migrating from the previous version of Code Puncher, use this to convert your working files to the new format.
  • New Working File
    • Code Puncher stores many code snippets into working files. By default a working file called ‘default’ will be generated for you. Create new ones to organize and manager your code snippets.
  • Save [filename] As
    • Rename and save your current working file to something else. 
  • Load Working File
    • Load an existing working file into Code Puncher.
  • Load Share Folder
    • Folders can be used as a code repository, simply save your working files into a folder. When you load a Share folder, the working files will be loaded as Read Only. You can Load a working file from the Share folder if you would like to make changes to it.
  • Unload Files
    • eblabs_codepuncher_file_unload
    • Working Files >
      • Use this menu to remove Working files from your Code Puncher. This does not delete anything, simply removes it from the list of working files that Code Puncher uses.
    • Share Folders >
      • Same idea here, simply removes a share folder from Code Puncher.
  • Import
    • Import code snippets from another Working file into the current active Working file. 
  • Export Selected
    • Export the selected code snippets to a new Working file. 


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