Group Move Tool

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Group Move Tool

A simple and fast tool for moving/rotating/scaling a group of objects.

  • Shift and rotate entire poses as a group.
  • Works with virtually any object or control, even in complex hierarchies.
  • Use scale mode to shift controls closer and farther apart.
  • Relocate pivots on the fly.
  • Tool will update when you scrub or flip between frames.


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Video Demo

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Please use the new Package Manager for quick and easy installation. 

Package Manager Quick Install Beta


How To Use

(1). Select your objects. Select one or more control(s)/object(s) in your scene.
(2). Activate Tool Assign the Group Move Tool command to a hotkey, or even a shelf button.
(3). Move/Rotate/Scale This is the main function of the tool. A temporary control is created, it appears as a bounding box around the objects you selected. When you move/scale/rotate this Group Move Node, it will update the all of the objects that are connected to it. For more technical users, please see the more detailed description below.
(4). Finish Up When you are finished using the Group Move Tool, simply click in your viewport to clear the selection, this will reselect all of your objects/control(s).

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Setting Keys If you already have keys on your controls, keys will be set using autokey, ie when changes are made. If you haven’t added any keys to your objects then none will be added.
Change/Move Pivots Hit the ‘insert’ key to move the pivot anywhere you’d like. Now any rotation/scale will happen from this point.
Scrub the timeline Changing the current time will update the Group Move Tool so you can keep working. There is a ‘Key Reference’ channel that will give you a visual indicator of where your keyframes are.
Try Scale Scaling will actually contract/expand the position of all the objects connected to the Group Move Tool towards the pivot. The Group Move Tool only affects position and rotation, but this is a handy way to use the scale in a different way.


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Channel Box


Translate X/Y/Z Reset this back to zero and the Group Move Node will go back to where it started.
Rotate X/Y/Z Reset this back to zero and the Group Move Node will go back to where it started.
Scale X/Y/Z The Group Move Tool wont scale your objects, but you can use scale to expand/contract the positions of all the connected objects from the pivot point.
Key Reference Check out the timeline to see the keyframes from all of the objects connected to the Group Move Node. This is just for your reference, and has no effect on anything.


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How does it work?

Why not use constraints?

  • Constraints add extra nodes and connections to the objects in your scene. This is something I wanted to avoid. With the Group Move Tool, all of the updates are handled by script jobs in the background. After you are finished with the tool, there is no remaining ‘garbage’ attached to your character. Clean, simple and easy to use.

What about double transformations?

  • The Group Move Tool is optimized to check through and take into account hierarchies and dependencies. On top of this, all positions are double checked that they are accurate. This all gets calculated on the fly and is generally quite fast.


Manual Installation (Advanced Users)

The Package Manager makes installing a simple process, but if you need to do this manually here’s how.

Tools should be installed to a common eblabs_hub folder. The install path should be one folder up from the eblabs_hub folder. Make sure that there are blank files within all folders.

Folder Structure

Button Command


Special Thanks

Additional Support

Jean-Renaud Gauthier –

Also See

Josh Burton’s Morpheus Rig –
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5 reviews for Group Move Tool

  1. 5 out of 5

    Davide (verified owner)

    Great tool, but more important great support! TNX Eric!


  2. 5 out of 5

    nick (verified owner)

    Group Move Tool does exactly what you want, allowing you to move multiple controls or objects relative to each other in a fast and intuitive way, eliminating time wasting creating unnecessary groups and locators.

  3. 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    This tool is an absolute pleasure to use and has literally saved me days of work.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Jonathan (verified owner)

    awesome tool, I add 4 stars only because there is sometime a error message when I use the picker to select controls of the character.
    And when I select manualy in the scene it work. And sometimes the temporary global control do not appear, so I repead the selection and he didn’t work anymore. Have to take the previous saved file to do it correctly. Don’t know why.
    But when it works it save me so much time XD Thanks for this tool !

  5. 5 out of 5

    Adelmo83 (verified owner)

    Great tool!, Group Move Tool is an indispensable tool, easy and handy to use!!.

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