A couple favorites include the worldSpace and screenSpace tools - along with the rest I believe they will make a great addition to your tool set as they have for me!

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Jenn Taylor – Lead Animator
Image Engine

Screen Space Tool makes object tracking absolutely easy. Highly recommended for Tracking!

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Robert Cvengros – Matchmover
Zoic Studios

I highly recommend eblabs tools to anyone who wants to save time animating!

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Patricia Binga – Animator
Double Negative

The ScreenSpace tool has saved a tonne of time with dynamic object tracks & roto animation. The team here uses it religiously!

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Lee Alexander – Layout TD
Double Negative

whisKEY Toolkit. An indispensable collection of slick tools that consistently saves time and headaches, I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Morgan Read – Animator
Mighty Kingdom

eb_labs tools are great for animation. The motion trail tool is the best I've found. It's fast and efficient allowing for a much quicker workflow. I'd highly recommend it.

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Tom O’Flaherty – Animator
Double Negative

The underlying code is clean and well thought out, which makes the toolkit's functionality a breeze to integrate into your setup.

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Marc English – Lead Rigger
Digital Domain 3.0

Fixing shots takes minutes rather than hours. Screen Space Tool alone is a must for any match mover, especially for object tracking. A huge time saver!

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Luke S Byrd – Layout Artist
Industrial Light and Magic

whisKEY is a must have tool for character animation at the blocking stage!

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Victor Glushchenko – Animator
Rising Sun Pictures

These tools will make you look like you know what you're doing!

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Anthony Rizzo – Animator
Industrial Light & Magic

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