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First bundle including Anim HUB, World Space and WhisKEY can be found here:


After much demand, we will be releasing bundled packages including all your favorite tools. 

  • World Space Tools
  • WhisKEY Pro
  • Group Move
  • Retime
  • Screen Space
  • And more coming soon

To make way for this, we are switching to a new format where access to updates and support is renewable each year.

So, what are the different license types?
  • This is a discounted license for students. As with the Artist license, this is flexible enough to use from home or your school.
  • A flexible license for freelance artists and professionals. You will be able to use your license when working from home, or from any studio you happen to be at. 

  • A floating license for educational institutes for use by their students and staff. Make sure to purchase enough licenses for all your students and staff. For 100 students, you would need to purchase 100 licenses. For more than 100 licenses please contact us to discuss pricing options.
  • A floating license for companies for use by their artists and team members. Make sure to purchase enough licenses for all employees that will be using the software. For 100 employees, you would need to purchase 100 licenses. For more than 100 licenses please contact us to discuss pricing options.
Subscriptions or not subscriptions?
  • Access to updates, new features and support are provided from one year of purchase. So for subscribers, there is a discount. Optionally you can also purchase without a subscription.
  • In the short term, it will keep prices lower for both individual tools and especially for the value packed bundle.
  • Switching to subscription based software will help support development, software maintenance and adding new features in the long term.
How will Updates and Support work from now?
  • After purchasing a license or renewing a license, you will have access to updates for one year.
  • New versions can be downloaded while you have an active license.
Can I cancel my subscription?
  • At any point, you are free to disable auto renewal or cancel your subscription from your account page.
Will my software still work after a year?
  • Your software will continue to work after the one year. Although of course without renewing your purchase, you wont be able to access the latest updates, features and support.


Please reach out if you have any additional questions. Happy animating!







New Screen Space ... April 21, 2020 Reflektor Mirror ... March 8, 2021

Comments (9)

  • David Thomas

    Hey Eric! Looking forward to the bundles when I have to update in the future. It sounds like the subscriptions are just for downloading updates? So if I'm stuck on a project using the same version of Maya for a few years, I don't need to keep subscribing for the tool to continue working?

    • Eric

      Thanks for reaching out David! Yes, that's correct, the subscriptions are for keeping up to date with new features, updates and tools. If you ever need to get the latest versions, you can always re-enable your subscription at anytime.

  • munuswamyvenu

    it will work in Maya 2018?

    • Eric

      Hi, Thanks for asking, yes all the tools will work with Maya 2018 as well. Cheers, Eric

  • maxsteven90

    When the bundle gonna be released? I'm considering buying so that's why i ask

  • amir rostayizadeh

    Hey Eric , How can I get Bundle version ? Is it Available ?

    • Eric

      Hi Amir, thanks for reaching out. Ive changed the title, Bundles Are Here. This is the first bundle, it includes, World Space, WhisKEY, and Anim HUB.

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