Maya Viewport Display Toggles

Tool for toggling nurbsCurves, geometry, etc in the viewport.

How to Use



Make sure to save this to your scripts folder as, “”. Assign the following python code to a hotkey or shelf buttons:

For Nurbs Curves

For Polygon Geometry

For Locators

For Object Handle Display

For Joints


If you’d like to see any other object types added, just let me know.


13 thoughts on “Maya Viewport Display Toggles”

    • Hi Benoit,
      Thanks for the positive feedback! That shouldn’t be too difficult to add, but how would you use a query mode? I mean, how would it be useful?

    • stupid me, I figured it out. it worked after I run it as a shelf button/hotkey, was trying to run it directly from the script editor. I guess it couldn’t see which viewport I am selecting.


    • not sure if I am asking for too much here, I know very little about scripting 🙁

      how much time will it take you if you could add a hide everything toggle and only the nurbs cruves, polygon/surface, ik handle, locator, image planes are on. you know the usual set up for animators.

      I am gonna try and see if I could modify it myself and see if I could get it to work, as well as create a separate window with buttons 😛

      anyway, thanks for the script, really helpful already 🙂

  1. Hi Harrison,

    Yeah, cool idea. Well the easiest way is to make a command for every viewport option. Then in your shelf button, you can just include whatever toggles you like. Ill get back to you on this…



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