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Welcome to World Space Tools


Advanced animation tools for manipulating animation and switching between local, world space, and other parent spaces.

Key Features

  • Manipulate your animation in world, local or any other parent space.
  • Really useful for fixing up foot sliding with cycled animation.
  • Create mini rigs on the fly with existing animation.
  • Animator friendly, can full bake or only use keyframes you the animator created.
  • Effecient, can batch process multiple objects simulataneously.
  • Super flexible and can be used on nearly any type of animation control or rig.


How to install?

Use the Package Manager for quickly installing and updating tools, get it here:

Package Manager Getting Started

UI Manual

Main Areas


# Area Description
1 Menu Menus and options.
2 Tabs From here you can find all of the different modules.
3 Tools Area Tools for each module can be found here.
4 Quick Undos Disables the viewport during undo and redo.

Spaces Tools Area

UI Options
image image
Item Description
To World Space
  • Select rig controls and click.
  • Temporary controls will be created.
To Parent Space
  • Select rig controls first and select your parent last then click.
  • Temporary controls will be created.
To Local Space
  • Select your world space controls and click.
  • Animation will be transfered back to your original objects.
Options Description
Translates + Rotates Use these options to select what specific channels are included.
On Keys Select whether the tool uses your existing key frames, or is baked out for a specific frame range.
Highighting a range on the timeline also works to set a time range.

Extras Tools Area


Item Description
Add Child COG Select a world space control and click to create an extra child offset control.
Add Parent COG Select a world space control and click to create an extra parent offset control.
Check Gimbal Flipping Select any animated control and click here to see an analysys of gimble flipping for the current animation.
Look for the lowest % for the least flipping rotate order.

Copy Tools Area


Item Description
On Keys Toggle between smart baking on keys or full baking for a time range.
Maintain Offset When copying animation you can choose to maintain the current offset. Leaving this will copy animation as is.
Copy Anim A to B(s)
  • Select the objects that you'd like to copy animation FROM first.
  • Lastly, select one or more objects that you'd like to copy the animation TO and click.
Copy Anim (Single Frame) A to B Click to copy the current position and rotation.

Path Tools Area


Item Description
Create Paths For Selected Click here to create nurbs curve paths that matches your animation.
Rebuild Slider Use this to simplify the nurbs curve. Set the number of CVs with the slider and click to rebuild the curve.
Animate Locator
  • Select the nurbs path followed by the animated control, then click.
  • This will create a locator that is attached to the path and animated to closely match the original control.
To Path Space Select your animation controls and then click.
  • This will create a path space control that preserves the existing animation although now driven through animation along a nurbs path.

Manual Installation (Advanced User)

The Package Manager makes installing a simple process, but if you need to do this manually here's how.

Tools should be installed to a common eblabs_hub folder. The install path should be one folder up from the eblabs_hub folder. Make sure that there are blank files within all folders.

install_path = 'E:/path/to/tools/folder/'
package_id = 'WorldSpaceTools'

import os
import sys
if not install_path in sys.path:

import eblabs_hub.WorldSpaceTools.scripts.worldspace as tool



5 reviews for World Space 2

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jonathan (verified owner)

    Awesome tool, I always use it with blocking animation. Good job bro ! +rep

  2. 5 out of 5

    copyhourstefan (verified owner)

    Hi Eric,
    I mailed you this question before.
    What is the difference between Studio and Single User license?

    • Eric

      Hi @copyhourstefan,
      My apologies I didn’t receive your message. How did you contact me?
      The two options are related to licensing. Single, is for an artist who is using the tool themselves. Studio is for a company where the cool is then allowed to be installed for a team.
      More detailed info here:
      Hope this helps!

  3. 5 out of 5

    copyhourstefan (verified owner)

    Thanks Eric. I think I tried to use the email form. I have a small request. Can you add different control shapes as well? Like a Locator or Cube? The user can switch in between just like switching colors.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Daniel Klug (verified owner)

    Hey Eric,
    We’d like to consider a studio license but there is no direct access to the license agreement on this page. Would you please add a link to it from here?
    Thank you!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Adelmo83 (verified owner)

    wonderful tool!!!, really very useful, easy to use.

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